PDAC 2015 Mining Silver Snaps

April 9th, 2015

Defiance Silver Corp. is proud to present its PDAC 2015 Mining Silver Snaps Video Series.

We first speak with Brian Ostroff, Managing Director of Windermere Capital and their major investment in Defiance. We then speak with Bruce Winfield, President & CEO of Defiance on the history of the San Acacio deposit, the geology and ‘proof of concept’ at depth and along strike, as well as the first few holes of the phase I drill program and its significance.

Please click the following thumbnail images to view the interviews on or visit our Defiance Silver YouTube Channel.

 Windermere's Brian Ostroff talks on its Investment in Defiance Silver

 CEO Bruce Winfield talks on Defiance Silver's San Acacio Deposit

 San Acacio's Exploration Potential at Depth & Along Strike

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